Mascot-type Characters

I will be making a list of characters I would maybe consider cosplaying that require a suit or those that cover a majority of the body. WereGarurumon is still top of the list but I can’t help thinking it may not work for me just yet. I feel like a Digimon is required. lol

  • WereGarurumon (Digimon Adventure)
  • Fladramon (Digimon Adventure 02)
  • Bunnie (Animal Crossing)
  • Bob (Animal Crossing)

Blathers Plushie

BlathersI’ve been playing Animal Crossing New Leaf for the past 3 months. It’s like a drug or something I can’t go a day without playing. lol  I meet Blathers at the museum every time I have something to donate. He is so adorable and I keep thinking he would make a perfect plushie. So that’s what I’m making. This will be a gift for a friend of mine.

I don’t have a pattern or anything and I don’t know how to draft one. So I’m just going at it the best I can. Post will be updated with progress photos!

Sept 10: UPDATE –

Since my initial post I’ve made a ton of progress on Blathers!

First I started with the head. Like I mentioned I can’t draft patterns so I ended up looking up how to sew a round ball. I found a jugglers ball pattern, consisting of 4 triangle pieces. It’s also important, IMO, to have the fabric brush in the same direction after sewn together. I did my best but still screwed up one piece. LOL Oh well. Next I eyeballed the body piece and slip stitched it onto the head after I stuffed them. I stuffed a ton in there! I thought I would end up using the entire bag! ha


Next I needed tail-feathers. Not to make it too weird, I made a little cape! It’s so adorable. The white stripe came out a little crooked but, eh.

The stomach was made of flannel. Cut and fabric-glued diamonds onto the tan circle and slip-stitched on. It didn’t look very finished so I hand-crocheted brown embroidery floss and sewed it around the belly and diamonds.

That is all I have finished so far. Work has been tiring. My next step will be the wings.


I need to make another trip to the store for white fabric. First I believe I have everything I need but I always wind up making 50 dozen more trips. lol Here’s hoping this one is the last.

Decade! Girl

So my last costume involved a skirt and I really liked wearing it. I never used to even dare wearing one. I want to continue and attempt combining one with something I try to do every year, a cosplay from a tokusatsu. This year I’m choosing Kamen Rider Decade Complete. I came up with a fun idea of making accessories containing all past heisei riders using astro switches and ganbaride cards.


Something I need to do for this outfit involves dyeing clear plastic green. I’m excited. I want to incorporate led tape somehow but I’m afraid it will make it look dumb. I look forward to sharing my progress.

I lost or misplaced my notes and sketches in a move. I hope I find them soon.


WereGarurumon (Digimon Adventure)

Netflix recently added an anime I had wanted to watch again for a long time, Digimon! They unexpectedly had it available in Japanese as well. I enjoyed the original immensely. Watching it through again reminded me how awesome this show was and reminded me of certain digimon I was always fond of. One being WereGarurumon.

This past year I’ve learned new techniques when making my cosplays and it was so fun. I want to continue trying new things and what better thing than a mascot suit?